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sitting at my bench this week















I made some necklaces to replace some I sold on Etsy so thought I’d take a few pics at the bench as I went along.















Once I’ve cut the shape out with a piercing saw I texture with a tiny hammer I bought in New York.





























Stars all soldered on and waiting for its chain!

Bluebird xx

new baby sewing











Sewing, sewing, making, making! Is there anything more relaxing than making something!

Although my sewing machine at home is still in a box as the room I shall inhabit for crafty things is still full of boxes and 16 sash windows awaiting installation I needed (yes needed) to make something for the brand new baby of my best friend.  So I used my workshop to cut and stitch and sneak a use on Sue’s sewing machine.  The pattern is from Lotta Jansdotter’s ‘Simple Sewing For Baby’.



















I love Lotta Jansdotter books and fabrics and I have just found out that a local sewing shop has just started stocking her fabric, so far I have resisted the urge to run over and buy the whole lot but i can feel my will power diminishing and I expect to snap up some fat quarters before too long. Also how happy would I be to go to this, bliss!

By the way, how cute is that Miffy money box in the top pic? It was 20p in my local charity shop and is missing a base to hold those pennies safe, but I have plans to turn it into a night light one day soon.

How many projects do you have stored up for ‘one day soon’?

Bluebird xx

DIY tietastic!










Another week and more happiness as sewing is being completed and things are getting made. I had planned to post this last week as it is a project I finished a few weeks ago but a favourite blog of mine posted a similar tie tutorial so thought I’d better hold off, but I really wanted to share this as I have been planning on making a tie inspired by this post (see pic below) at Wayward Daughter for months, so I throw caution to the wind and am posting anyway!



Loved this tie when I saw it but wanted a thinner one for my intended outfit, here’s how I made one.









I used scrap paper and wearing the blouse I wanted it to go with I snipped at paper till I had the shape I wanted. Check out the pic above for how I made the fabric tie.











Pin the tie in place around your blouse while wearing and judge where you want it to cross, pin in place.



















Open your button box and spend a ridiculous amount of time choosing which button will be most pleasing.












Sew your button in place, now I have been sewing for most of my life but buttonholes for some reason fill me with dread and horror so yet again I took the easy option and used snap fastenings behind the button to keep it closed. You on the otherhand may be more fearless in your sewing so go ahead and make a real button hole, once you have done this please come round to my house and show me how to use the button hole feature on my machine and I will make you tea and cake in thanks!

Sit back and admire your new tie with a smile on your face.

Happy sewing!

Bluebird xx

pinterest sunday – tried and tested

I have quite a few different boards on Pinterest and it is really useful for keeping track of templates and tutorials I have tried out. The images below are either direct tutorials of were springboards to trying things out for myself. My favourite is a toss up between the wonderful Et Laine bib and the Sweetfancy tea party.



This bib is definately the best ever pattern you can find, they look good and you get complete coverage and I make mine with old 60′s towels and then you don’t need to line the bib either!



I adored this idea as soon as I saw it and have made a couple for friends little ones, I really love making the biscuits and I make lavender filled tea bags for playing at making tea.



I have to admit that I printed off a free online pattern for a dress very similar to this one and have made a few but this is not the pattern I used, it was pre pinterest and of course I cannot find the link anywhere. This looks good too and very similar. I tried calling it an art smock and putting my son in one but he just looked like he was wearing a dress so now they go out to friends with daughters!



This fabric dollhouse is so cute and you can change to a farm or forest or anything that fits the child, but be warned a good solid day of sewing is involved!



Hello Sandwich is always a riot of colour and ideas and I have just made a few tissue cases for little xmas pressies but wish I had had some pom pom trim to add to mine.

Try some of these projects out and if you have only time for one then make some bright and cheerful bibs!

Medal Brooches finally on Etsy

I posted some pics from my bench in the studio a few weeks ago as I was making some Formica and fabric brooches for Bust Craftacular in London and Open Studios down here in Brighton, I have finally got around to adding them to my Etsy shop . I had loads of fun matching fabrics and formica designs together, I added the red fabric one after I noticed my love of the colour green was coming through a little too much!



























Check out the wonderful vintage fabric on this one, it is the same fabric I used in the airstream.
























Selection of different fabrics and Formica designs. I stuck to just heart and shield shape as they have nice, simple silhouettes

Craft time

Whilst perusing Pinterest I saw this bunny ornament by Tyler of BabyLuxDesign. She thoughtfully posted a detailed ‘how to’ and I was inspired to make my own. She made a base out of kitchen foil and covered hers with air drying clay. As I didn’t have any air dry clay I used papier mache (I took a workshop with Julie Arkell a few years ago so used her process). The use of tin foil means the creature dries much quicker than if the whole thing is papier mache. basically tin foil base, newsprint layers, blank book layer and layer of tissue to smooth out paper layers, decorate! I have posted my winter bunny and images of how he was made and then Tylers inspiring festive ornament. Try one out yourself, my son is going to make a monster this week using the same method!



a little bit of making

I am a little late at getting my a birthday present to my god daughter, this comes as no shock to anyone as birthdays are not my strong point! She is my best friends daughter and I wanted to make her something lovely so I finally came up with a plan using an image from an old sewing pattern and a box frame. I pasted the image onto wood and cut out with a piercing saw. I had loads of fun creating this and am planning on making some more. I had a few materials in mind for the background so photographed them on my workbench and finally decided on the orange flowery 60′s one.


dottie angel week – part 2.2

At the risk of you and I overdosing on Dottie Angel loveliness, not possible I hear you cry! I would like to post a few pics of the loveliness that Dottie has/had in her shop. I have been waiting for the shop update for a week or so and it seems like I missed out as most of her new lovelies sold out pretty speedy. But let me show you a handful of my favourite things. The wrap aprons are fab but I love, love, love the reversible apron. I have started wearing old second hand aprons as dresses and my collection is growing, maybe I’ll drop some hints to my other half as I have a birthday soon. Anyhow feast your eyes on these wonderful pics, all pictures are from Dottie Angels shop and taken by her. Check out her shoes in the first picture – I am in love with these so they go on the birthday wish list too!


Captain Bert

Really loving this hand made bear called Captain Bert! It is by Alice Gabb, a fellow exhibitor at Renegade Craft Fair London next month. She has a wonderful online shop where as well as beautiful quirky creatures,  she sells lovely stationery!

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