Treasure Island – car boot gems



















I escaped from the boys on Sunday and got to go car booting with my best friend. I wandered the aisles without small people dragging me to look at boxes of cars and power rangers! Oh how I love a few hours looking at other peoples unwanted gubbins. I also got a fab zigzag knob coat hook but that has stayed at caravan ready for putting up and being useful.














Can you believe the stall holder only wanted 50p for this beautiful measuring jug.

























Unlike many of you out there I have a tiny suitcase collection so am looking out for nice old cases but boy have the prices rocketed, this gingham/tartan interiored one was only £3 so I snapped it up.











Check out those old cars and buses.


































I love all the old Ladybird books for their amazing painted illustrations but I have to admit I love the simple images the most I think and my fav from this book is the scissors, now I just need to steel myself to cut out the images and frame them (I know its destroying a book but I really want to put the pages on my wall)!

Fingers crossed for a sunny sunday and more car booting soon! Where do you post your thrifty finds? Instagram? Facebook? Blog? I wanna see what you got!

Bluebird xx

Happy Days

We spent a fab few days at Merrylands campsite last weekend.

The rolling buttercup fields were just beautiful, what can I say – lovely friends, lovely food,  lovely weather,  lovely place……happy kids,  happy days.

BB x

creative brides

Creative Brides is a fab new website that you must check out if your planning a wedding. It has an online magazine, all the events you need to know about, a great suppliers directory and a wonderful blog full of inspiration for all you creative brides out there. It also offers loads of great services for wedding suppliers – helping you reach all those brides to be with wonderful products and services.

The online magazine has recently gone live and is full of wedding loveliness. You will find some great items from Bunting Boutique on the ‘vintage’ page and we were super excited that Dandelion and Olive got a mention in the first issue on the ‘blog love’ page  – thanks guys  :)

Check it out and enjoy.

BB x


happiness is finding vintage fabric!








We are still unpacking at Bluebird corner (only been here a year) and I have been sorting a sewing area. I unpacked a suitcase and found a skirt I made myself when I was about 22 made of fantastic Heals fabric. Now a maxi skirt is not my thing anymore so I chopped the bottom and now I have a nice new A line knee length skirt to swish about in.















Check out the fab skirt fabric, I bagged it at a jumble sale many many moons ago, how come this sort of thing never turns up at jumbles nowadays?















I did the sewing at the caravan and managed to shorten 1 skirt and 2 curtains.















Bluebird xx

PS This blog only shows the nice side of life, what you dont see or hear is the crazy, untidy chaos of everyday. For instance I had been wearing the above skirt for approx 1 hour before no. 2 son decided to get black felt tip on it and I have to admit I did swear (horror) in front of no. 2 son (horror) and walk off muttering loudly to bathroom to rub with soap! But lets just pretent that didn’t happen eh!

Aunt Norah and Grandma Ada

When I was little I spent 2 weeks in the summer in Wales with my grandparents every year. My Grandma made up stories, taught me Gin Rummy and at her side I learnt to embroider. The start of each holiday I would choose a transfer and we would iron it onto some linen and she would teach me different stitches to bring the piece to life. I remember her chunky jade necklaces, her solid snappy handbags and her brooches, she was always beautifully turned out and she wore frilly little bed jackets in the morning.

Here she is at my mum and dads wedding with a rather brylcreemed grandad















We also used to have my great aunt Norah live with us for a few months a year and she was the queen of knitted twin sets, bar brooches and another collection of solid snappy handbags. Auntie Norah had been in service and worked most of her life as a waitress so was a little bent over by the time I remember her but she always looked smart. She helped me knit and probably played alot of cards games with me. These lovely ladies are gone now but I remember their sense of style and envy their ability to co-ordinate at all times (not a quality I inherited sadly).

In the picture below you can see me and Auntie Norah many moons ago!















I designed some brooches last year and decided to name them after these 2 wonderful ladies but it wasn’t until recently that I managed to find some old pics of them. I have recently updated the Bluebird Jewellery shop with Ada and Norah brooches so thought I’d share my pics with you all.

Ada brooches are the bar brooches and some even have buttons from my grandmas button box.















Norah brooches are the circular style ones















I also found some pics of my brother and sister and me so check out these great 70′s outfits!











































Check out the collar on my brothers shirt!! Well it was the 70′s!

Bluebird xx

half term sunshine

We finally have sun here in old blighty and it co-incided with half term. We have been camping with Woodcraft Folk and had 4 lovely days at the caravan, well one day of rain but who’s counting!








We went to a car boot and I bought too many old kids books and a fab Dick Bruna colour matching game for 25p to help no. 2 son learn his colours.















Hope you had a good week of sunshine too and you’re enjoying the spring flowers that are finally out!

Bluebird xx

PS I finally started my crochet blanket so in about 3 years you might see a finished throw in the caravan!


Betty’s Fat Rascals

Bunting Boutique have recently made some bespoke paper bunting for Betty’s in Harrogate to help celebrate 30 years of their little rascal range.  The bunting was used as part of a promotional photo shoot and is now being hung in their shop window.  Betty’s is such a wonderful and iconic place to visit if you are in the Harrogate area and their fat rascals are very tasty.

Here are a few photos showing how it all came together:

BB x


button love

Ooooh new glass Czech buttons from Ebay. Now to make some brooches!












Bluebird xx

studio tour with curious clare

Today i have a lovely peek into the studio of Curious Clare. I am lucky enough to have gone to art college with some very talented people and Clare is one of them. She has a Facebook page and a lovely blog.










How inspiring is this as a workspace!

















































What a talented artist Clare is! Drawing and visual studies was a huge part of our Crafts degree and you can see how much sketchbook work and drawing Clare is still doing.




























All the pictures Clare took herself and were on Creative Boom recently which is how I got a glimpse of her studio but I thought I’d ask Clare if I could share them too! She was happy to spread the love with Dandelion and Olive so hope you enjoy her studio loveliness.

Clare’s blog Curious Clare is wonderful and full of images from artists she loves, workshops she has been on, see below for fab creatures she made on a Sally Faulkner workshop and a Samantha Bryan one too, as well as inspiring ideas for you to try and some DIY’s.











Lovely images from Samantha Bryan workshop below.







Clare’s next project is to open an Etsy shop but teaching is getting in the way at the mo so if you’d like a piece of Clare’s work then message her on Facebook.

Thanks Clare for sharing your studio with us all and hurry up with your Etsy shop so we can buy some of your lovely pieces we have been coveting at Dandelion & Olive towers!

Bluebird xx

pretty nostalgic

I was so happy to arrive home from the studio on Friday to find that the lovely people at Pretty Nostalgic had sent me a copy of their latest issue that features some of our vintage doily bunting.


Not only does it look amazing in their lovely photo shoot but we also got a little mention in the curiosities section in the magazine – very exciting.

This issue celebrates the magazines 1st birthday and is full of fabulous articles – the perfect read for a sunny afternoon in the garden.




oooh a party!!!!


































When I was in Devon over easter I found a scrapbook of my mums where she had saved lots of party invites from the 60′s, how great are these! The kiddie invites were for my brother and sister.

Bluebird xx

london weekend – part 1

I was in London a week and a half ago at The Most Curious Wedding Fair and today I thought I’d share some lovely images of my journey to and from the fair. Below was an amazing painted shop front very close to Spitalfields market. I don’t think this is a shop that exists now but as I went past early in the morning I can’t be sure but wow isn’t it beautiful!















On my way to the tube I made my way through Hatton Garden (jewellery quarter for London) and passed my favourite named street, how great is Bleeding Heart Yard for a street name and it even features heavily in a Dickens novel.















I love the front of this fish and chip shop but by the late afternoon when I passed again it was crammed full of cool young londoners spilling onto pavement but early in the morning it looked lovely.















Each morning of my weekend I got up at 6.20am to catch a train to London and by the time I arrived in Brick Lane I was in need of a little pick me up and on Cheshire street I found a great cafe with gorgeous and energising berry smoothies with nice little corner to sit in. As I was wandering around a bit before 10am the streets were fairly deserted so i have rather unpopulated photos from this trip!















Now if only all gas meters were decorated like this our towns would be fab!















Sporting a sunny yellow satchel to match the sunny weekend!



















Now the Shard is by no means my favourite London building but it is pretty impresive as you approach it from below. I took this with a trolley full of wedding ring gubbins on my way home so next time you’re at London Bridge station look up!















Part 2 of this London trip coming soon with pics of lovely wedding suppliers I met at the fair.

Bluebird xx


Very Photique Photography

At Bunting Boutique we were excited to find out that this lovely photography company ‘ Very Photique Photography’ based out in Melbourne, had purchased some of our vintage doily bunting to use as a prop in their photo shoots.  We love making links with other creative companies and its lovely to see how some of our products are being used.

weddings and how to do it in style













This coming weekend I will be taking part in A Most Curious Wedding Fair on Brick Lane in London. I am organising postcards, printing a banner, polishing wedding rings and choosing my outfit for meeting lots of couples planning their big day. Couples are really excited when they realise rather than tramping high street jewellers they can come and make their wedding rings in my jewellery teaching studio so I am spreading the word to the capital and hoping to inspire some creativity and get couples hammering and crafting and polishing until they have truly special and personal rings to exchange on the big day.

















I thought I would share some of the other exhibitors who will be at the fair alongside me.

This image of a couple with huge love sign is from Scene Setters (website nearly live apparently). Scene Setters make large decorative card props and I adore their glitter stock artwork, how cool would this be at the reception!













Next I love Hattie & Flora event designers with amazing images of their event and promo styling on their website. I love the balloon pics and the intense colourful furniture they offer.



























Next up check out the stationary from Candyflossie, I adore the pinwheels and retro style invites and the save the date invites. All so lovely and unique, especially the pencil save the dates!







For a touch of cool, unique elegance then don a hat from Joelle Reeves Millinery. For me its the pom pom headpieces and bird pieces.





































I have been busy with promo material this last week and have some lovely crisp pics of some wedding rings my couples have made, how lovely are these rings, all made by complete novice jewellery makers. Why not come make your wedding rings too.




























There are lots more exhibitors at the show including photographers, dress designers, caterers and more, more, more. If you are planning a big day then come say hi this weekend or if you can’t make it then check out all the exhibitors here.

Bluebird xx


beach holiday!

Last weekend we all crammed in the little car and drove to South Devon for a family visit. Now usually my pics from this annual visit are of sunny skies and lounging on warm beaches…..not this year!





























We had a morning of sunshine (not as warm as it looks) at Blackpool sands near Kingsbridge but after that it was cloudy all round, but that doesn’t stop kids enjoying a scramble over the rocks!















This pic of no.1 son below taken moments before half body immersion in rock pool and a swift return to the car!




















If you are ever in South Devon visit Dartmouth Castle and beach and Blackpool Sands – fab but next year please can the sun come back!

Bluebird xx

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