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A few weeks ago on a very grey morning a parcel I had been waiting and waiting for arrived on my doorstep. Inside was a treasure trove of crafty inspiration all the way from the East. My YesAsia parcel had arrived! YesAsia sell Japanese craft books on all sorts of subjects. They have an English word part to their site and although they don’t describe their books in English you can guess or choose titles you know are goodies.  I have put in about 3 orders over the years and some titles are series I like and sometimes I just choose a cover I like.











I love Hello Sandwich blog and have lusted after one of her books, so when it popped up on the Home Arts section of the website it went straight into my basket!















I have a couple of these Come Home books, I’m not sure exactly how to categorise them but I guess interiors covers it best.















I chose the book below just from the cover and I seem to have a very cute recipe book (no idea of what it says) but the pics are super cute and there is some crafting towards the back.















Last but not least is this cute book with lots of small projects that use collage in them, it has loads of hand drawn illustrations and lovely adverts for cute looking shops.















Check out YesAsia if you have a love of crafty books, but beware they are very lovely so make sure you don’t over indulge!

If I don’t log in before the 25th then Merry Christmas from Dandelion and Olive!

Bluebird xx





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