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I have eventually made enough button brooches to add to my shop.  The other week I posted some pics from my studio bench here and on Monday I gathered 7 brooches and armed with my camera I photographed them all ready for the grand unveiling (for grand read late night Etsy uploading). These brooches were inspired by a 1940′s button brooch I saw in a BBC drama and I thought, hey i have a few buttons boxes I wonder what I could do? The brooch I saw was more twig like in layout so I decided to keep to lines and circles for my arrangements.















So far there are 2 styles, the circular and oval brooches are called Norah after my great great Aunt who lived with us when I was younger. Ada, after my maternal grandmother, are the straight bar brooches. Both women were smart with a capital S and wouldn’t have dreamt of leaving the bedroom, let alone the home, without brooch on collar and beads in place and a sturdy framed handbag hanging from their arms!















The buttons I’ve used in the brooches are from various homes. Some are from my grannies button tin, like the leaf shaped ones in one of the Norah brooches. Others I have found in vintage flea markets and I have a stash in my workshop from the lovely Donna Flower that are half made into a brooches but are not ready yet. In fact I am now obsessed with finding good buttons, any excuse to go to the car boot! The Ada brooch above I love because of the green, pink, yellow colour combination, maybe I’ll use it as colour scheme for my sewing room in the new house!















The Ada brooch above is Mr Bluebirds favourite so far, a bit more geometric, and it has one of my favourite buttons in it, the green, triangular glass button. Now these have no sentimental value to me at all, they were an eBay find but I love them and now only have 4 left!















When I started this journey to make button brooches and whilst at the design stage I thought I’d mainly want/need mid sized, unusual buttons in brilliant colours but some of the brooches work best with small, delicate shaded buttons, nothing ultra rare but just a lovely selection of old buttons that all nestle together happily. These simple buttons work particulary well in the round Norah brooches.

I like to wear one and imagine all the vintage clothes they adorned and all the tea party gossip they may have been party to.

So there you have it, a collection of vintage button pieces for the Bluebird shop and a new button obsession started!

Bluebird xx

PS. Next time you go to the flea market think of me if you see any flashes of colour from the bottom of that old sewing basket!

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