fab things for a making – pinterest sunday

Oh how i miss making things! We are still, yes still, living with most possessions in boxes, without a kitchen and with only the living room free from teetering piles of boxes. This means all my sewing stuff etc is out of bounds. So Pinterest Sunday this week is a selection of projects from my ‘Projects to try’ board.


Just loving this idea, I have seen a few people making these and really want a go (see image below from Fryd + Design. I might have to order some other colours as I’m sure the Hama tub my kids have don’t have anything other than primary colours.




Really want to make some rubber stamps too.



Now I often see people making their kids great toys from cardboard but have always been suspicious of the very clean cardboard they use and say they are recycling, but after having our Ikea kitchen delivered we have mountains of cardboard – all unprinted so I may try to make the above cafe deli, how cute is that!



These headbands are really cute so maybe I will finally learn how to crochet a sphere!



And lets not forget all the sewing projects I have stored up, my god 3 1/2 months without a sewing machine is actually quite hard!


Bluebird xx

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