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Bunting Sale!

If you have an event coming up that is calling out for some bunting why not head over to the Boutique’s shop and grab yourself a bargain as a lot of their classic range is now on sale. It’s great to mix and match the colours and patterns and they would look great at a festival or camping event, garden party, wedding or even just to decorate a special spot at home.

There are a couple of the vintage hankie bunting which has now gone on sale too, they have lovely subtle details and look wonderful when strung up, perfect for a barn wedding this coming summer.

Happy bargain hunting.

BB  x


Kush kush

How cute are these lovely hand printed cushions from Kush Kush.

As each piece is hand made no two are the same.

I love the mix of the silkscreen print with the hand-stitched details and know my daughter would just love them.

BB x

Surprise parcel















The Bluebird residence (for residence read half finished house and land of chaos) received a fantastic and much anticipated parcel today, Mr. Bluebirds chopping boards arrived! The lovely kitchenware company Joseph Joseph contacted Patrick earlier this year and asked him to re-draw one of his prints to put on a  glass chopping board so after much time with pen and pencil in hand he sent the design off and today we get to see the result.















I am really fond of this item as Mr. Bluebirds cheque bought me a shiny, smart and instagram capable ipad!








The lovely people at Joseph Joseph sent Patrick 6 boards of our own so we shall be chopping board sorted for many years to come. If you love the prints of Patrick Edgeley but have no more wall space to squeeze another print in, the chopping boards are for sale in Heals and Debenhams amongst other outlets or you can buy from Joseph Joseph’s online shop here.

Bluebird xx

P.S. Patrick was paid a flat fee for the design so I am not advertising this for the royalties at all, just showing off Mr. Bluebirds newest item! (It is so much easier to blow someone else’s trumpet than your own don’t you think?)

feathering the nest

As I may have mentioned once or twice we have a new home and are renovating certain parts of it to make it a lovely, working house for our family. Our newest sponsor is Fashion for Home and I have been searching their wares for wonderful pieces to make our home special.





















I am a big lover of objects that glow, be it a plastic deer, miffy or a piece of furniture so I really love the Firefly Glow Stool that changes colour and you can use it inside or out.





















We seem to have a lot of books and I still have about 20 boxes at my friends house so a new bookcase is needed and I rather fancy this one, I can just see all those crafty books stacked in amongst those crosses and of course any spaces can be filled by my rather long Amazon wish list!














We inherited a number of pieces of 60′s furniture a while ago including a mahogany sideboard but I have always rather fancied a James Bond style retro ball chair and this Maitai chair just about fits the image of myself, white cat on lap whilst I sip a rather strong cocktail!















So whether you are a retro girl, a modern lass or a country chic girl you will find something rather special amongst the pieces at Fashion For Home. Go on have a look and fantasise about feathering your nest with something new for Autumn!






And for the big kid in all of us, especially those of us who sat in bean bags in the 70′s watching The Muppet Show and The Dukes of Hazard on a Saturday night check out these cool bean bags (a little more stylish than the one I had as a kid!)


Home inspiration – Pinterest Sunday

I am dreaming of lovely rooms and beautiful interiors this weekend. Like lots of you lovers of pretty stuff out there, I am partial to the odd book or two (lets leave it at that and not count shall we) so have pulled some off my shelves and am ignoring the decorating, at leats for an hour or two. Since deciding to move home I have been flicking the pages in some favourite books and thought I’d check out which of the images had made it to Pinterest. This Sundays images come from 3 books ’Homespun Style’ by Selina Lake, ‘Modern Vintage Style’ by Emily Chalmers and ‘Dottie Angel’ by Tiff Fusell. So with more ceilings about to come down here and chaos still reigning instead I am closing my eyes and pretending that our house is already a haven of interior loveliness.






Next comes Modern Vintage Home



Source: google.com via Bluebird on Pinterest



Next for some wishful thinking is Dottie and her lovely home





If you are looking for inspiration then get your hands on these books and let me know if you have some good recommendations too!

Bluebird xx

pinterest sunday fantasy home

The Bluebird clan is moving soon so I have upped the pins that dwell on interiors and cool homes. Now most of my pinning is purely dreaming as our lovely little soon-to-be-ours home wont accommodate the beautiful architecture/furniture/ideas I’ve collected but some will be incorporated. Pinterest is fab for collecting ideas and you don’t even have to tear up your fav magazines to make your ideas board. In a parallel universe I would be moving to Pierre Koenig’s Case Study House #22 (although I would settle for any of the case study houses really) so I have put that first, well we can all dream!!

Bluebird xx

P.S.  The last picture just makes me smile and one day I will have it!

Source: mydesignfix.com via Ryan on Pinterest




Source: tumblr.com via Bluebird on Pinterest










Source: dornob.com via Cathy on Pinterest

goodbye art deco beauty

I have been taking a few photos around our 30′s flat before we pack and move on to a home with a backyard and an extra room for Mr Bluebird (he doesn’t know he’s called that so ssshhhh) and all his prints! We have been lucky to live in a beautiful home with lots of original features like cast iron radiators, a built in 30′s kitchen with the ironing board that folds out of the cupboard and a bathroom with beautiful yellow and grey original tiles. Some pics are just of little things we have arranged around the place, like the wonderful metal cutters from a New York flea market and some bottles from a chemistry department that a school was throwing away! Will try to add more pictures later on but I have yet to get good ones of the kitchen! Have taken some at last!



















The 30′s kitchen in all its wonderfulness.












I love my inherited Catherine Holm saucepen and my Finel orange steamer from flea market.










Check out those fabulous tiles and the sweatshirt fabric motif cutters (if only we had bought more, there was a crate load but somehow we just brought home 5 of them).








Unfortunately the bell system in the flat was long gone (I quite fancied being able to call for a cup of tea and cucumber sandwich)  but the cabinet to tell the maid which room was calling had survived!

Bluebird xx


Felt Ball Trivet

Inspired by the felt ball rug I decided to make my own smaller (and quicker!) felt ball trivet. I was feeling a bit lazy for knitting – having far too many projects on the go at once and fancied something instantly gratifying. I can say for sure that this trivet did the job! It took my one evening and the next morning I had a brand new colourful piece for the kitchen.

For this trivet I used 100 felt balls bought from eBay and some nylon thread from the local hardware store. After threading them all onto the nylon with a large yarn needle I divided them into 10 ball rows and threaded in the opposite direction so each ball was crisscrossed with two threads of nylon.

Just the thing for my brand new kettle!


pinterest sunday – kitchen lust

Come on now, admit it, you love a quirky kitchen as much as me! I have long pinned interesting kitchens that make my heart beat faster on pinterest. Here is a peek at some of my favourites.

Source: flickr.com via Bluebird on Pinterest













Washing and Drying

I love tea towels; such an affordable way to inject some fresh artwork into the kitchen when the walls are full. I’ve put together a little selection of my favourite tea towels around at the mo. Such is my love for tea towels I could have posted 100′s, but lets start with this small selection and i’ll try and do another in the next few weeks.

Cooking Pans Tea Towel – West Elm

Succulents in terracotta – Skinny Laminx

Koloni Lotta Kuhlhorn Kristina Tea Towel – Hus & Hem

Vintage Collection in yellow – During Quiet Time

Collander Tea Towel – Teresa Green

City Towel: Night – Evrt Studio

the summer of the Airstream

This year we got to use our 1961 Airstream Overlander and it has changed our lives! Living with 2 small boys in a flat can be crazy sometimes but knowing we can get out to the caravan has been a life saver. Pat has restored her and I did the pretty stuff, check out the Airstream blog for lots of photos but here are some highlights! Bunting is of course by Dandelion and Olives very own Bunting Boutique!














































lovely vintage china

The super talented and all round lovely lady behind Pearl Grey is about to add all manner of lovely strings to her bow but at the moment she has her hands full of vintage crockery. She hires out a truly wonderful selection of crockery and table ware for all your party or wedding needs, the trouble is handing it back at the end of the evening! The crockery is hired out from Brighton but can be transported to destination of your choosing – within reason of course!

























Watch out for more exciting developments from Pearl Grey in the new year.

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